Success of Isidoro Quiroga

The Success of Isidoro Quiroga in the Commercial Salmon Industry

If you are at all interested in either business leadership or the commercial salmon industry, then Isidoro Quiroga is a figure you should probably be paying attention to. Where is Mr. Quiroga from? What is his role in the overall commercial salmon industry? Isidoro Quiroga actually comes from Chile, and his role in the global salmon industry is surprisingly significant. He has signed deals with both American and Chinese companies during his salmon business career.

Mr. Isidoro Quiroga obtained a portion of a popular Chilean company known as Australis Seafoods nearly two decades ago in 2003. It took him four years to climb up to the position of Australis Seafoods Chief Executive Officer. He later sold this commercial maritime company to the China based Joyvio Group Co. He still remains the Controller of Australis’ Directory, however. Mr. Quiroga has also completed an impressive deal in the United States.

That deal was with True Salmon Pacific Company, which Isidoro Quiroga successfully bought 50 percent of. This was a bold way for Isidoro to enter the American market, but he seems to be ready for the competition. If you have not yet heard of True Salmon Pacific Company, then you should be aware that this organization is a major distributor of salmon within the United States.