Top 4 Success Tips for Businesses by Kip Lewis

About Kip Lewis


Kip Lewis is the chairman and founder of Lewis Investments, a real estate investment company in Austin, Texas. He holds a Bachelor’s in business administration from Texas State University. In 1992, at the age of 27, Lewis made his first investment with only $2000. He acquired a 35 acre MH/RV community land in Round Rock. The company has grown to accommodate about 30 employees and engage in community projects.


Top 4 Success Tips for Businesses


Financing flexibility


During the pandemic early in March, Lewis Investments was able to secure refinancing worth $17,000,000. This way, they redeemed the business from the intensity of the pandemic.


Digital Marketing


Records show that reliance on the internet went up during the pandemic. Business owners ought to use digital marketing to reach their target. A digital marketing strategy should segment your target and provide the right platforms to get them. Take advantage of the latest technology and the internet to create impactful online marketing campaigns.


Employee Support


Any business will thrive as the employees are succeeding. Ensure you understand the needs of the employees and provide the resources they need. Appreciate them and encourage work-life balance to ensure they perform very well. Ensure as a business leader, you are calm and remain empathetic with your employees. Reassured and well-informed employees will be more productive.


Crisis Management


Including even the worst crisis and test how effective your employees’ response is. This way, you will instantly identify loopholes in real time to plan on improvement and management for such a crisis.


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