Trey Branham and His Path in Law

Trey Branham is the first in his family to both attend and graduate from college. He has a strong sense of character and lives without feeling regrets that stem from his upbringing by his stepdad. He shows deep appreciation towards both his biological and adoptive family, who helped build him and teach him how to put his all in his work without sacrifice and know-how to remain committed. With two other siblings, his mother managed to raise him on her own and instilled a great work ethic that he still employs to this day. Whenever Trey was ill, he was often at work with his mother as her employer made sure that all of their staff´s family were also in good hands whenever the need arose. Unfortunately, the clients that Trey serves do not know what it means to have a good employer who truly cares for them and only looks at the profits they make through the efforts of the staff. Or a company may only be concerned about earning more profits from their services and products and not so much about the public’s safe use and handling of their products.


Trey Branham´s Professional Background


Following law school, Trey went on to pursue his career in law within the white-shoe law firm. From that moment on, he knew his calling was to assist those with issues that could change lives forever. However, Trey knows that as an attorney, his ability to help all of his clients is not possible. Having limitations only allows him to pursue as much fairness as he humanly can. With most of the clients he serves, they only want to ensure that no one else is affected the same as they were when the same issue arises again.


The clients are not seeking retribution, they just want to ensure that the law hears their concerns.


Trey´s Educational background


In 1999, Trey earned his law degree from the School of Law at the University of South Carolina, with a cum laude. While there, he worked for the South Carolina Law Review as an Associate Articles Editor.