Utility Warehouse Benefiting UK Residents with One Package Essential Services and Partner Opportunity

The London-based Utility Warehouse is part of the FTSE 250 group, which simplifies home services management and provides more than 2.5 million sets of utilities to customers in the UK. UW is the only actual multi-service provider in the country, allowing customers to bundle their electricity, insurance packages, broadband, mobile, and landline into one account.

Clients can thus save money and time when tracking usage and managing accounts through a single contact point. The leading provider of home services is controlled by the Financial Conduct Authority, the Office of the Information Commissioner, Ofgem, and Ofcom.

As the number of coronavirus cases in the UK continues to grow, millions of people face unemployment, reduced income, and uncertainties in their future financial conditions. Without “Plan B,” many people try to find other (or alternative) sources of income so that they can continue to earn a living for themselves and their families. In these difficult and desperate times, finding more innovative ways to make money is essential to ensure financial stability and the vital work-life balance needed to flourish.


Utility Warehouse, the only authentic multifunctional service supplier, fills this gap. UW helps the UK stand up again by introducing amateurs in the UK to make money in their spare time and enjoy the freedom of being bosses. In the last two decades, Utility Warehouse network of independent “partners” or distributors has expanded the firm’s customer and partner base, many of whom received stable salaries and many other benefits.

The membership network now provides an excellent opportunity for those on vacation and facing layoffs to create new ways of earning a living. The award-winning multi-service provider does not use traditional sales and marketing models but instead uses authorized partners to attract customers through verbal and personal recommendations. To date, these partners have established a solid base consisting of 650,000 people, thanks to the forward-looking approach.