Yuri Milner: Breakthrough Foundation

Yuri Milner is a Israeli entrepreneur and philanthropist who made his name in the technology world through investments in digital media. Milner has a personal wealth of 2 billion dollars for his generous charitable donations to the arts, science education, healthcare, and disaster relief.

Breakthrough Foundation on Twitter: "Come along to an Evening Under the Stars this Saturday (Feb12) at the Unley Soldiers Memorial Gardens. @gospocollective will be hitting the stage for a wonderful event supporting

Yuri Milner founded the Breakthrough Foundation to honor winners in the field of science. These awards will motivate young scientists and engineers to develop new ideas and revolutionize the future of science. The breakthrough foundations include:

Little Breakthrough Heroes - Breakthrough Mental Health Research Foundation

Breakthrough Initiatives

These awards will be at the top of the list in the program to award breakthrough initiatives. This initiative will focus on developing new scientific research and an effective new approach to space exploration. The industry will include programs like a mission to explore the planet beyond our solar system.


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Breakthrough Junior Challenge

The program allows young minds to work actively in scientific research, reaching out to millions worldwide. This program will help young engineers and scientists develop innovative ideas and communicate them effectively.

Breakthrough Prize

This award is presented yearly to the best-performing scientist across different disciplines. The prize is awarded in various fields of science, including physics, life sciences, mathematics, and psychology. This year, prizes have been awarded to scientists for significant discoveries that include the recent detection of gravitational waves.

The Breakthrough foundations will create a huge impact in the field of science. It will help develop new ideas and inspire essential discoveries. The potential of this program is huge, and the Breakthrough founders have managed to create a wonderful collaboration between scientists and engineers.