Beachbody for a Better Shape

BeachBodyMany people take a look at their reflections and do not love what they see. They wonder where the added weight or loss of muscle tone came from. Carl Daikeler is on a mission to help people like what they see when they look in the mirror. He also wants people to feel confident whether they have a moderate level of fitness or an Olympic athlete-level of strength and endurance.

Daikeler got his start as a production specialist for the NFL. He followed this career path with several years of production in the infomercial industry. These experiences taught Carl Daikeler how to connect with people. He identified ways he could help people with their journeys to a better body.

Carl Daikeler noticed the growing overweight and obesity epidemic. He also took note of the proliferation of fast food in a typical neighborhood and how many meals of fast food people tended to eat. He also simply asked, and he found out that for a lot of people, going to the gym was a hassle. That’s why he and his co-founder developed Beachbody.

The Beachbody at-home exercise plan started with several DVDs. Each DVD had a 30-minute workout that a person could do at home any time. People saved money on gym fees, and they didn’t have to deal with the sneers and stares of the gym jocks. Everyone who tried Beachbody loved it. Carl Daikeler started making more of the videos, averaging a production rate of about 25 new workouts per year.

Carl Daikeler

In 2015, Daikeler added an on-demand/streaming service to the mix. He wanted to keep making it convenient for people to get in a great workout every day. With the streaming option, subscribers could access any of the workouts any time.

Daikeler didn’t forget the nutritional aspect of weight loss and maintenance. He and his team set up Shakeology in 2009. It’s a protein powder. Customers can pick the vegan or regular option. When mixed with any milk, it creates a protein- and fiber-rich shake. Shakeology’s flavors satisfy a sweet tooth and provide a convenient, nutritious on-the-go meal.