Bhanu Choudhrie Went to the University of Boston


At age 28, Bhanu Choudhrie moved from Delhi, India, to the U.S. Sudhir Choudhrie’s father works in the press and health care fields and is based in London. The last name of his family is Anita, which is also his mother’s maiden name.

The old aged Choudhrie was given the Asian Business Special Award of 2013 while Theresa May was UK home secretary.

In 2000, Bhanu Choudhrie traveled to London.


Bhanu Choudhrie went to the University of Boston and earned a degree in global business and marketing. He has also finished Harvard Business School’s Owner/President Management program.

Bhanu Choudhrie went to Boston University during this time. He was taught by Choudhrie at Harvard Business School. This part has a lot further to look at. The internship Choudhrie did at JPMorgan Chase & Co. was the start of his career in finance. In 1999, when he was in London, he seized control of the many business opportunities in the city.

In 2002, he started his first business, C&C Alpha Group. His way of investing is now in charge of the company.

Private equity firm CCAG is run and owned by people from the same large family. One of the most important places for the company is in London, but it also has an office in India. Choudhrie put together the board of directors for the holding company from a wide range of experienced venture capitalists.

Choudhrie and his coworkers at CCAG work in banking, energy, health care, tourism, aviation, agriculture, and more. Real estate interests include assets like homes, businesses, and places to play. The company has properties all over the world, including care centers in the UK and high-end spa resorts in India.

Alpha Aviation Group has training solutions for commercial aviation. Alpha Utilities sends 500,000 gallons of desalinated water per day to the Emotional expression Free Zone inside the United Arab Emirates.

Ananda Hospitality, a division of CCAG, has made brand names like Ananda and Nira Hotels & Resorts that have won awards. There are a number of Nira projects in Asia, Europe, as well as the Indian subcontinent. Nira Alpina in Switzerland is a popular place to go on vacation. It is near St. Lutz and Mount Corvatsch. Here is the only place in town where you can ski right up to your door. Three TripAdvisor Credentials of Excellence have been given to Nira Alpina since 2013. Even Condé Nast Tourist has said that its standards are high.

Choudhrie set up Megalith Capital Management in the United States. This is shown by the fact that he has served on the forums of Atlantic Bank and Clients Bank in the past.

At the Asian Voice Contemporary political and Public Life Awards, Choudhrie was named the best Asian businessperson of the year.