CARROLL’s Achievements under the Leadership of M Patrick Carroll

M Patrick Carroll is the CEO and founder of CARROLL, an Atlanta-based Real estate investment firm. The CEO has significantly expanded the multifamily firm in the housing sector. The following are reasons why the firm is one of the leading real estate firms in the market.

Purchase of Newly Built Multi-Family Community Properties

The purchase of the newly built Santa Rosa Beach has enhanced the firm’s portfolio in the industry. In addition, through the company’s CEO, M Patrick Carroll, the firm has expanded its property management services ability by adding Louisville, Kentucky Multifamily assets to the company project roaster.

Expansion of the Firm in Florida Market

The firm has a strong presence and has steadily grown in Florida markets. Sixty-four property transactions involving 24,000 units are so far complete since its inception in the market.

Increased demand for Third-party Management Services

In the last 12 months, the company has added its third-party contacts to its management portfolio. The increase in demand shows the confidence the company has to deliver optimal results in the market.

Delivery of Turnkey Solutions

The firm has proven to have the ability to deliver comprehensive property management services. Its ability is evident since other real estate investment firms prefer partnering with the firm to seek its services.

Diverse Services Package

The firm provides excellent management services under one roof. This diversity of services has enabled a smooth transition for the property-based teams and the property owner. Their exemplary service helps property owners to optimize revenue and operating income from the outset.

With the above achievements and services offered by CARROLL under the leadership of M Patrick Carroll, the firm is one of the leading real estate investment management firms.