Changing culture and status quo: Miki Agrawal prides in over one and half decades of entrepreneurial adventures

Miki Agrawal searches for ways to modify existing products to reflect a more artful, efficient, and environmentally friendly design. Miki Agrawal decided that instead of pursuing the traditional path of becoming a designer, she would try to use her design to challenge the norms in mainstream western fashion. While at school, she invented a bra that could be worn without using the underwire.

Inspired by her own grandmother’s modesty habits, Miki Agrawal invented THINX underwear, which comes in fashionable colors and materials. When she first conceived the product in 2011, nobody wanted to buy underwear that was only for women to wear for one purpose. Now, more than 3,500 retailers worldwide offer THINX underwear in more than 14 different styles.


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Miki Agrawal founded TUSHY and THINX, social enterprises that pioneer comfortable, affordable menstrual products for women. THINX was awarded $17M in VC funding from female investors and is now a billion-dollar company, while TUSHY is on track to triple its $500K valuation, after just two years in business.

Miki is responsible for identifying breakthrough innovations that we should learn more about, and that we can put into production. Many people have a desire to change the way they consume products and services, and Miki is no different. Agrawal has thrived in the ever-changing social landscape through her determination and creativity.

Having an aptitude for creativity and innovation, Miki’s path led her to start up several highly successful enterprises. When Miki Agrawal graduated college, she did not have the resources that most young people do. My job is to identify what’s most disruptive to the status quo in any given category and shape it into a business model and turn it into a product. Miki: I love disruption because it brings people together and that’s what I aim to do through THINX.

As a creative catalyst for the business, Miki Agrawal will be instrumental in exploring new product designs to disrupt the status quo, testing those designs with early adopters, and inviting the rest of the world to join the revolution. When we revolutionize, we transform an entrenched status quo.