ClearObject Snow Management

ClearObject develops leading visual AI capabilities for a variety of customer use cases. In 2018, ClearObjects authorized energy company AES to accurately inspect wind turbines. They use the differentiated capabilities of Google Could Vision AI to help customers in various industries like energy, manufacturing, and retail. Companies are facing a challenge of how to monitor the data they already have as well as use massive spatial sensing and inspection given the increased amount of image and video data. Vision AI is a powerful solution. Machine learning models can be trained to enhance or replace the need to view images and videos manually. Vision AI is both accurate and consistent and eliminates interpretation and subjectivity during analysis.

ClearObject Indianapolis has searched for opportunities to deploy such solutions near home. Noel Hopkins, Head of ClearObject’s Customer Success team says that most states have snow management programs, and it can cost them over $50million annually depending on the length and severity of the snow season.

Road safety is a top priority of transportation agencies, and this technology can help to eliminate unsafe driving conditions, particularly as the amount of video data increases. ClearObject partnered with INDOT to develop and deploy a Vision AI-driven snow management solution. With the use of video data from static road cameras and snow plow cameras, they are able to demonstrate a highly accurate machine learning model. This will give insight to the central snow management team. ClearObject also works with businesses around the US to help optimize traffic flow, improve preventative maintenance, and plan more effective solutions for the future.