Doug Haynes: A Successful Entrepreneur

Doug HaynesDoug Haynes, a successful entrepreneur, is renowned for his advisory services to top executives. Although Doug pursued a degree in mechanical engineering, he has worked in many fields, including consultancy, mathematics, engineering, and computer programming. Doug shifted his career after realizing he had an interest in management consulting.


Currently, Doug Haynes is the president of the Council of Advisors. He offers advisory services to top managers in both private and public companies. He serves the unique needs of company owners to help them thrive in the challenging business environment. Previously, Doug served as the president of Point72 Asset Management. Before he joined Point72 Asset, Doug worked as a managing director at McKinsey & Company. Doug joined the company in 1992, where he worked with diverse clients worldwide. Doug helped the company introduce technology-based services. The entrepreneur served at McKinsey & Company for 22 years, where he was in charge of the Northeast region. During his early career, Doug worked as a marketing professional at GE plastics and as a programmer at Central Intelligence Agency before he enrolled in a business school.


Doug Haynes has served as a board member in many companies, particularly not-for-profit organizations. He is a board member of the Center for Global Enterprise, a firm highly committed to promoting effective leadership globally. He is also the board member of two not-for-profit organizations that support veterans—the Cohen Veteran’s Bioscience and Cohen Veteran’s Bioscience. Doug is also a board member in Randolph Macon Academy and Canterbury schools. Moreover, Doug is a board member for technology start-up firms, including Vega Factor, FRISO, and ChainIO,


Doug Haynes is a highly committed philanthropist with an unmatched track record. He invests his skills, knowledge, and time to improve people’s lives. He provides financial support to programs that help veterans, increase access to education and alleviate poverty. Doug established Cohen Veterans Network to address mental health issues among veterans. He has partnered with New York companies to improve veterans’ job opportunities. He is a board member of the Robin Hood Foundation, a not-for-profit agency in New York that fights poverty.