Dr. Andrea Natale’s Medical Devices Help COVID Patients Deal With Afib

Dr. Natale Andrea2020 is a year the world will remember. Life changed when the virus attacked humans. Fear was the flavor of the day. And the medical profession and people around the country realized how underprepared the healthcare industry turned out to be.

Hospital workers had to deal with the virus without the proper preparation or equipment. And doctors like Andrea Natale, the medical director at St. David’s Arrhythmia Institute in Texas, had to use all their experience to deal with a surge of atrial fibrillation side-effects from the virus. Atrial Fibrillation occurs when the two upper chambers of the heartbeat out of rhythm with the two lower chambers. Dr. Natale is an expert when it comes to bringing the heart back in sync.

Dr. Andrea Natale focuses on heart issues. Atrial fibrillation is one of the major issues people face as they age. People over 60 frequently experience an irregular heartbeat. Dr. Natale’s medical resume proves he has the knowledge to bring atrial fibrillation treatments into the 21st-century. Andrea is one of the founding fathers of the Heart Rhythm Society (HRS). He is currently an HRS Board Trustee.

Andrea Natale is in the medical spotlight for several reasons. His lectures and the EPLive conference held last December helped doctors, administrators, and researchers understand the challenges facing the projected rise in atrial fibrillation cases. According to an Italian Afib study, 6 to 12 million people will develop atrial fibrillation by 2030.

Natale continues to publish papers on the devices and treatments he developed. Dr. Natale developed the first non-surgical treatment for Afib. And he holds a patent for a device that gets the heart beating in sync, again. The press calls Andrea Natale an author, lecturer, surgeon, and researcher because of his written and Afib accomplishments. Ensite Vascular, a cutting-edge medical tech company, asked Dr. Natale to join their advisory board in May. Natale sits on the board of several medical companies as a medical advisor.