Dr. Chris Bummer Professional Achievements

Dr. Chris Brummer is a teacher, instructor, creator, and organizer of Washington DC’s Fintech Week. He instructs at Georgetown University Law Center, where he fills in as the Faculty Director of the Institute of International Economic Law. Before this, he was an assistant professor at Vanderbilt Law School. Dr. Chris Bummer has taught as a visiting professor in several leading Universities. The professor spearheads several financial regulation initiatives besides teaching. He has also worked with the National Adjudicatory Council of FINRA for three years. After his three-year tenure at FINRA, Dr. Chris Bummer’s work attracted praise for increasing investor security. Dr. Chris Bummer is interested primarily in global governance and financial regulation. His experimentation regarding the advancement of monetary and administrative approach and the significant effect that innovation has on how specialists operationalize management and administrative oversight spans over a decade.

 Dr. Chris Bummer created Fintech week from the thought of fabricating a platform that would discuss fintech policy in the core of the capital. Fintech brings together diverse elites to discuss issues between those in the financial sector and the regulatory community. These conversations are geared towards fostering candid, meaningful, and action-focused policy dialogue. Fintech has lowered intermediation costs for financial institutions through digital technology, therefore increasing access through broadening financial inclusion. FinTech for banking has had an impact on how consumers access their finances. It has affected mobile banking by using apps like Square as well as impacting investments and insurance companies.

 Dr. Chris Bummer instructs both nonprofit-making organizations, policy implementors, and governments on how to react best in matters of the financial system, including injunctions and emerging signs of progress in the sector. He serves as a member of several economic committee groups, including those dealing with virtual currencies. His professional achievements have been aided by a solid educational background that has earned him multiple degrees. Dr. Bummers’ professional journey began immediately after he graduated with honors from Colombia Law School.