Greg Blatt’s Absolute Interview

Greg Blatt boasts of exclusive exposure in the technology sector but started as an embodied lawyer. The American executive’s expansive career spans various legal fields because he once worked as an entertainment advocate, and then a Martha Stewart general counsel. However, Greg Blatt’s greatest achievement has been the 10-year tenure he has had in advancing senior duties he did at IAC.

Within this establishment, Greg Blatt held different leadership positions of CEO and chairmanship of IAC, Tinder, as well as, Match Group. While at the helm, Blatt capitalized on the rapidly growing sector to ensure it remained relevant in the quickly changing world.

Greg Blatt believes that his career has been non-linear because he acquired an English undergraduate degree, and instead of practicing after graduation, he took several years to traverse the world. During that time, Greg took up several jobs including bartending and painting houses to afford the basic life necessities.

In Telluride, Greg Blatt stayed in a tent while camping to enjoy the mountain proximity as well as general scenery. Greg Blatt was interested in other experiences whereby he went to a Columbia Law School, and until now, he thinks it was the most prudent decision. After completing studies, Greg secured a job in New York in a mergers and acquisition law company.

The job was quite demanding and exhausting but Greg Blatt earned a valuable work ethic, and after that, he was unsure whether to continue as an advocate or not. He decided to work in an entertainment law company hoping to learn screenwriting, but instead met Martha Stewart and worked as her company’s general counsel and facilitate it going public.

Greg Blatt worked for four years until when he was recommended for IAC’s VP general counsel. He focused on IAC and managed to work for more than ten years, specializing in dating web firms.

Greg Blatt’s Bio

Greg Blatt is an exclusive American executive whose career is highlighted by the decade tenure he worked for IAC and its subsidiaries. He worked as the CEO and executive chair person of these institutions, but was also appointed the VP general counsel.

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