Heath Ritenour Joins a List Of CEO’S Improving Their Company’s Culture

Heath Ritenour is an open-minded business person. Through hard work and determination, he has risen to become the CEO and chairman of the Insurance Office of America founded by his parents. 2020 was undeniably a rough and very challenging year for millions of entrepreneurs and businesses. Business and company leaders around the world are working on ways of improving their company’s culture. Laura Gallaher, the founder and CEO of Gallaher Edge, has partnered with the Insurance Office of America to help the insurance agency improve their company’s culture. Gallaher Edge is a renowned firm that helps companies take their culture to the next level based on human psychology.

A culture of inclusivity and diversity is vital for the growth of any company. All employees need to feel part of the organization they are working in through equal respect regardless of their job titles. Gallaher Edge will use the GLIO program to help IOAs leaders make behavior change. The transformation will be based on the current company’s culture, where leaders will learn how they can create a better working environment for all employees.

Heath Ritenour is positive that the Growing Leaders from Inside Out (GLIO) program will help IOA’s leaders to re-examine their weaknesses and focus their strengths on improving the company’s culture. Under the program, leaders attend several customized workshops that focus on maturity, individual awareness, acceptance, and accountability. IOA’s leaders will understand how their behavior influences subordinate employees.

At the end of the program, IOA’s leaders will have gained enough confidence to take their teams and the company to new heights. The effect is that the rest of the employees will also examine their weaknesses to create a new culture that fosters inclusion and diversity. As a result, the company will have innovative employees, and the company will be able to make better decisions based on all people’s opinions. Chairman Heath Ritenour is hopeful that the new partnership will yield the expected results. Gallaher Edge has guaranteed IOA transformational changes that will enable it further succeed in business.