How Bobby Kotick Built Activision Blizzard

Bobby Kotick, the CEO of Activision Blizzard ranks among the best leaders in the gaming and entertainment industry. Activision Blizzard has the best gaming libraries such as; Overwatch, Sandy Crush, Diablo, World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, and Farm Heroes.

Bobby Kotick created this foundation in 1983 when still in college, and it has now grown to become a mega-investment. Bobby Kotick highlights that Call of Duty is the biggest entertainment franchise, and he likened it to the perpetual American Baseball, NFL, and NBA. Bobby said that they felt that the audiences wanted these franchises to be more exciting.

In the 1980s, Bobby Kotick joined Michigan University, and in his first year, he created a technology establishment called Arktronics alongside his friend, Howard Marks. During his second year, Bobby has created an Apple software and requested Steve Wynn, a casino investor to chip in and help at Arktronics. Thus, Bobby got over $300k in his tech company.

Later, Steve Jobs noticed, and he organized a meeting in Michigan where he advised Kotick to abandon school and concentrate on his blossoming software business. Thus, he took up the advice and immediately launched Activision, and this decision paid off because he got $150M in 2021.

Therefore, Bobby’s journey to joining the millionaire’s club started in late 1990 because he partnered with Brian Kelly to buy 25% of Activision’s shares, a time when the company was becoming bankrupt. It was called Mediagenic. Therefore, they restructured the venture to dwell more on video games. Bobby said that they even sold some office ergonomics to pay everyone. 30 years after, Activision Blizzard has become the best video game firm.

Since 1991, Bobby has been in charge of the company, and in 2008 he orchestrated the Vivendi-Activision merger, and so Blizzard came under a single umbrella. Therefore, Activision Blizzard was developed and was based in Santa Monica, CA.