Isidoro Quiroga Business Ventures

Isidoro Quiroga is a well-known entrepreneur. People know him for his endeavours in both the international and local markets. He is of Chilean origin, where he studied and grew up. At Asesorías e Inversiones Benjamín, Mr. Isidoro is the current Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He runs this holding with his close associates and family members.

Isidoro Quiroga has given his input in various sectors. They include salmon farming and exporting, mining, real estate and energy. He had his first business success in the 1970s. Suffice to say; this was also when his career began. He was an engineering student at the University of Chile. After graduating, he visited the United States. Here, he acquired knowledge about the kiwi fruit. He saw this as an ideal business opportunity. Soon after, he started importing the fruit to Chile and introduced its farming.

There was extensive growth in his fruit business. After this, he made investments in sectors such as mining and electricity. In regions like Empresa Eléctrica Pilmaiquén S.A and Soquimich, Quiroga has managed distribution companies. Also, he has made an impact on energy production as well. Mr Isidoro did not stop there. His company Asesorías e Inversiones Benjamín owns part of Andacollo Gold.

Enphase Energy is an energy company that deals with energy storage solutions. The sale of this company was significant because he made millions. In 2018, he bought the company for 20 million dollars. By purchasing bonds and investing in the company, it grew. He sold the enterprise for a total of US$819 million. Experts say that he made a profit of $735 million. This sale brought him great recognition throughout the world.

Australis Seafoods is another one of Isidoro’s investments in Chile. He sold it to the Chinese group Joyvio in 2009 for $91 million. When the infectious Salmon Anemia VIrus (ISAF) hit, Mr . Isidoro took over as the head of the company. The company’s reputation was dwindling, and Quiroga’s input was fundamental. With his prolific managerial skills, the company became a force to reckon with in the fish market. After a decade, Mr Isidoro sold this company. But, despite the sale, he still maintained his membership in the board. There has been rapid growth in the company since then. The world has recognized it for its activities in salmon export.

Isidoro is unique because his entrepreneurial skills are not limited. He is a go-getter because he identifies an opportunity and does not hesitate to go after it. Besides, he has grown through the ranks due to his practical managerial skills.