Jason Hughes´Commercial Realty Career

Jason Hughes is a renowned commercial realty expert in San Diego. He started his career in 1980 while still in Los Angeles. While still in Los Angeles, he didn’t venture into any company and worked for other companies. However, such an experience helped him gain the experience and skills required to succeed in the industry. For instance, he worked for Cushman & Wakefield before moving to San Diego to start his venture. Successful entrepreneur Jason Hughes is known to work with his wife, Shay. Both have been influential in the industry, drafting laws that have helped better the industry. Jason Hughes has been in the industry for more than 20 years now. 


He is the owner and chairman of Hughes Marino, a corporate sale-leaseback transactions company. Besides this, he chairs and owns another sale-leaseback transactions company, Irving Hughes. These companies have been influential in protecting the customer´s needs. Jason Hughes believes that satisfying the interest of his customers helps create a stronger both that keep them loyal, attracting more. As a result, he has sold tens of millions of square feet of property. Some of the transactions he has been involved in include complex and high-value leases, contraction negotiations, build-to-suit developments, and tenant lease transactions, among many more.


Jason Hughes was greatly involved in drafting Dual Agency Disclosure Bill. The bill helps protect tenants that are represented by brokers that represent both tenants and landlords. The Dual Agency Disclosure Bill was passed in 2015 and has been influential in protecting tenants in the industry. Jason Hughes’s contribution to the commercial sale-leaseback transactions industry has made him appear in numerous business publications and television programs.