John Ritenour explains how workers benefit when they work from home

The global community is currently struggling with one of the worst health pandemics. People have been losing lives when they contract the corona virus. Some countries of the world have been hit so bad in the past months. Businesses in many industries have suffered major losses too before they could start to adjust and find a way of operating in the midst of the crisis.

John Ritenour has pushed most of the people in his organization to work away from the office, and he is already content with what has been happening in his businesses. John Ritenour investments have been flourishing because his team of employees are happier when they are home. After to speaking to them, the insurance expert realized that his employees were benefiting in the following ways:

No commuting to work: Moving from the house to the office takes a toll on most workers. The trip has to happen in the morning and in the afternoon, and it wastes the time of the workers. This time round, these trips are not available for the employees, and this gives them more time to be home and bond with families. Sitting in the car does not make anyone happy, especially the employees. The workers are saving on tolls, gas and maintenance when operating from home.

More flexibility: Remote working gives thousands of workers the best and most flexible schedules. Everyone knows that they do not have to get to the office in time. The workers create a natural workflow that is suitable for the employer and family. Workers who are comfortable working in the morning will wake up early and accomplish their tasks while others will work late in the night to suit their personal preference. Flexibility, in most cases, leads to the best productivity. John Ritenour allows his staff, regardless of their position, to have the most flexible schedules. The results have always been amazing.

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