Kevin Seawright is Changing Lives In Baltimore, Maryland

Kevin Seawright is an American entrepreneur and a businessman. He works with RPS Solutions LLC. On behalf of the firm, Seawright made an announcement about a home sale transaction it helped to facilitate.

He recapped the details of the recent transfer of a home in Baltimore, Maryland. The address of the property is 1222 Dalton Road. It is an older townhome that was constructed in 1956. The building has two stories. story and features three bedrooms and one and a half baths. Read more

Kevin Seawright and the team of RPS Solutions performed the renovations on the home. Hillendale, the residential neighborhood where the property is located, of demand in recent years. The area is in the service area in which the company does business. Kevin Seawright is proud of the opportunities they offer. They are helping individuals and families achieve their dream of home ownership in the Baltimore area.

RPS Solutions is on a worthy mission that is changing the lives of many people. The company focuses on many of the surrounding communities in and around Baltimore. Some of the residents in these communities have found it difficult in the past to buy their first home. For many of them, home prices have been out of their reach.

The company strives to identify opportunities in order to make home buying more affordable for people of average mezns. When a house for sale needs work, it is typically priced less than market price. But, the cost of home renovation is usually so high that it is prohibitive for many people.

That is where RPS makes a real difference for first time home buyers. The firm delivers many solutions to hell make the expense of home renovations more affordable for individuals with limited resources. This makes it easier for people to qualify for a home.