Mark Hauser: A Highly Successful and Aggressive Investor

The manufacturing sector was once a key engine to the United States economy. According to research, the services industry has hastily taken over, making waves as the economy’s driving force. The rapid evolution of technology has sparked growing interests in the services sector. This notion has seen investment firms like Hauser Private Equity overlap its investments components into the services sector. For instance, the United States’ healthcare phenomenon has evolved over the last few years. This, of course, has sparked innovations in supply chains and technology to guarantee efficiency in services delivery. Advancement in technology has made pharmaceutical drugs accessible from all corners.

Recognizing the potential within the healthcare niche, Mark Hauser spearheaded Hauser Private Equity into merging with ACON Investments to put money into Injured Workers Pharmacy heavily. The two firms further sought to partner with Triton Pacific Capital Partners and Omnicare to support Injured Workers Pharmacy greatly. Of course, Injured Workers Pharmacy is a cutting-edge home delivery pharmacy well-versed in enhancing patients’ access to medication and stamping out the financial and administrative burdens in shipping medications.

Mark Hauser’s reputation as the founding father and propelling of Hauser Private Equity is merited. The individual whoops holistic experience investing in various businesses and working with numerous companies. The services vertical has been integral in growing Mark Hauser’s portfolio. Hauser Private Equity, alongside ACON Investments, acquired Igloo in 2014. ACON Investments’ strategic operations and Hauser Private Equity’s expertise were integral in spearheading Igloo to impressive feats. And yes, the company’s net sales increased by nearly 24%.

Similarly, Mark Hauser has the innate ability to scout significant investment opportunities. Under his stewardship, Hauser Private Equity has built a well-curated reputation in eyeing investments with clear drive. Indeed, the services landscape is bombarded with various options that require investment due diligence. Mark Hauser prides himself on making the right investments that increase margins, revenue growth, and strong exits.