PosiGen Posed for Success

PosiGen is all about company pride and doing what’s right for the communities they serve. After Hurricane Katrina, the strong, determined people who lived in the New Orleans area got to work to rebuild and create better homes and lives for themselves and their families. However, assistance programs catered mainly to the more affluent residents, leaving the considerable number of low and moderate income people unable to afford to upgrade their devastated homes. The founders of PosiGen recognized the problem and knew they could help. They quickly got to work offering the benefits of solar power and energy audits to New Orleans residents of all income levels. 


However, PosiGen focuses their bottom line on savings, not profits. After an evaluation of the customer’s electrical needs, PosiGen will not install solar panels unless they know it will save the customer money. People saw the benefits and cost savings of solar, and PosiGen grew because they were providing a vital service that made people’s lives better, and it helped the environment, too (Facebook).  


Energy Audit


PosiGen performs a comprehensive energy audit on every home it services. This PosiGen evaluation includes a whole audit that involves attic evaluation, blower door testing, window and door integrity testing and thermal and infrared imaging. It’s all included in their personalized home energy report. This tells the homeowner where they have areas of air leaks and energy loss and which improvements will help correct them. Improvements may include CFL light bulbs, duct sealing and repair, weather stripping, replacing air filters, sealing attic openings, installing a programmable thermostat and placing a thermal jacket on the water heater. Upgrades may also help to identify and eliminate sources of mold growth and the correction of other problems created by hidden moisture in the home. 


A PosiGen home energy inspection has some important advantages:


  • Cleaner environment and reduced pollution
  • Conservation of natural resources
  • Lower energy bills
  • Increased home value


PosiGen has been successful in carrying their mission and message about energy conservation and solar energy to other parts of the country and now has additional locations in Louisiana, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and Florida.