Power With Purpose The  Pillars Of Leadership

The pillars of leadership are different things a leader can do to help bring about the desired outcomes. A leader can bring about change by utilizing any of the posts to motivate and influence people. Leaders must have a vision. They need to be able to inspire people to help them with their vision. Inspiring people means that they must have charisma and a positive attitude. Leaders must also be innovative and find new ways of approaching problems and developing new ideas. Leaders must also be motivational; they should know how to reward good work, improve lousy jobs, and give negative feedback when needed. Vijay Eswaran, the founder and Executive Chairman of the QI Group of Companies, must inspire and coach his employees daily as he builds on his success. The pillars of leadership are different things a leader can do to help bring about the desired outcomes.

  1. Leaders Are Purpose-Driven

The role of a leader is to make something happen for the benefit of others. However, leaders fail if they are only pursuing their success. Leaders are not average individuals but exceptional individuals who can inspire others to improve in the same way they aspire to be better. Therefore, leaders in an organization must develop a vision and purpose but must also understand that they can only achieve it by inspiring and coaching those around them. Vijay Eswaran says that leaders should be able to see the future and get excited by it. They must speak with the same passion to their employees as they do themselves.

  1. Leaders Have Strong Pillars Of Leadership

The responsibilities of leaders are distributed among three pillars that can be developed to increase the effectiveness of leadership capabilities: inspire, coach, and empower. Inspiration means finding out what is necessary for others but working towards a vision that can become something greater than one person can achieve. According to Vijay Eswaran, leaders must inspire their team members to work toward the vision. After clarifying this motivational vision, leaders must help others see how their efforts will help the organization.

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