Randy Douthit

Randy Douthit After being an executive producer of Judge Judy for almost two decades, Randy Douthit knows a thing or two about what works in courtrooms. He shares his insights into the art of litigation below.

Randy Douthit has worked extensively in television production for over thirty years and earned an impressive list of awards. With a career spanning local and national television, Douthit has developed a reputation for producing quality programming. He started as a writer on Larry King Live before moving into directing and serving as executive producer and director of two popular primetime talk shows: Judge Judy and Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Randy Douthit also received high praise for the successful transition of Seattle Today from a failed local news program to a nationally syndicated program. The success of Seattle Today led him to work on multiple primetime shows across various networks, including CNN, where he became one of the founding members of the world-famous Crossfire panel.

In addition to being one of the industry’s top producers, Douthit also helped bring Judge Judy into homes across America. He worked tirelessly to develop Judge Judy’s signature courtroom setting, which included an elaborate set design and state-of-the-art technology.

The producer and director’s interest in the legal system goes far beyond Judge Judy’s courtroom boundaries. They support Public Counsel, a firm that provides free legal services to children, families, veterans, and other individuals and organizations. “Public Counsel provides legal help,” Douthit explains, “to people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to get help.” He also supports the Vera institute of justice, an organization that aims “to end mass incarceration” and helps those in prison find jobs after they’re released. “Everyone is trying to figure out how we can improve this,” he adds.

Randy DouthitHaving worked with Judy Sheinadlin for so many years, Douthit has also learned a lot about the television personality. To meet the increasing demand for quality products, Randy Douthit must produce them as fast as possible. “You can only go so far if you try to cut corners,” he explains, “so it’s important to take your time.” Even though he works quickly, Randy ensures everything is done correctly. His hard work and thoroughness ensure that Judy Justice comes out exactly how he envisioned it.