Reasons Why Dave Antrobus Is a Smart Guy

Dave Atrobus.Prior to joining Fresh Thinking Group, Dave Antrobus was a researcher at the CEA in Belgium, and at Boston Consulting Group. Dave’s entrepreneurial interest began in the MBA, where he helped design a new MBA start-up programmed at the INSEAD Business School, producing some of the best entrepreneurs in Europe. His previous start-ups include Datebook, popular English-language business magazine in South East Asia, internet search portal in Finland, a Finnish online cinema ticket company, and a construction equipment rental company.

Dave Antrobus’ biggest pet peeve is when a business owner puts all of their hope on a particular growth strategy, without any genuine thought or awareness of the operational needs that they will need to be fit to scale, because it will be so hard. Technology at Fresh Thinking Group has seen him spearhead the introduction of new technology into the organization, including its blog, LinkedIn Ads, and Product + LinkedIn Tools, as well as being responsible for the successful growth of Sales Wise and LinkedIn Plus. He has also worked on improving the efficiency of Fresh Thinking’s internal processes.

Dave leads Datacom, a telecoms firm that connects everything from smart cities to industrial automation. As well as marketing, Dave is also responsible for the industry-leading Technology & Applications division, which manages the tech platform, and the PR, Events and Digital Communications teams. Fresh Thinking Group was created in 2012 by Dave Antrobus and Haydn Stobbs.

Both entrepreneurs knew each other well from previous business ventures, and realized that there was an underserved market for ‘founder style’ business founders. Dave and Haydn wanted to support companies at various stages of their growth, from early concept to scale-up. Fresh Thinking Group’s services, which include investments, investment appraisal and funding, and a proprietary equity finance model, can be used for any growth stage startup in the UK, or across the world.

Dave Antrobus: I would like to lead the company into the global market, providing partners and clients with a service that combines advanced technological design and expert consultancy services. Dave’s Advice to Young Professionals: Research and develop your true and unique skills. It is easy to fall into a routine of what you do well, but if you identify your skills and interests, your expertise will only grow.