Robinson Helicopter Company, Lifting People Into the Sky Since 1979

Robinson Helicopter¬†Robinson Helicopter Company produced its first helicopter in 1979. The company’s founder, Frank Robinson, created the company during the summer of 1973. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, in 1957. After working for several aircraft companies, Robinson decided to pursue his idea of creating a compact and cost efficient helicopter.

The first helicopter Robinson created was the R22. With flight schools and individual, the helicopter became a favorite. Its low-cost and simple maintenance made it a desired purchase, at the time. In 1992, the R44 Raven 1 was produced. It was designed similar to the R22, but with the bigger O-540 engine by Lycomings Engines. Today, this model comes with a Lycoming’s IO-540 fuel-injected engine. Front heated leather seats, autopilot, an aspen PFD package and new outer color paint option are available for the R44.

Rolls Royce agreed to help Robinson Helicopter Company create the RR300 turbine engine for its R66 Turbine aircraft. This agreement took place in 2005. The FAA certified the R66 in 2010. It now comes with autopilot. Cockpit video cameras come installed in the R66, also. The camera records outside images and images inside the helicopter. Passengers are able to view the footage later, and aircraft mechanics can use the data to help solve problems that may occur.Robinson Helicopter

Robinson Helicopter Company started its own parts and service company in 2011. It provides engines, parts and components for three of Robinson’s helicopters. The R22, R44 and R66 helicopters’ parts are supplied through Rotorcorp, LLC. It is based in Atlanta, Georgia. A maintenance facility is located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Rotorcorp serves 1400 customers worldwide.

The helicopter company is family owned and operated by the Robinson family. Founder Frank Robinson retired in 2010. Kurt Robinson, the son of Frank Robinson, became president of the company August of 2010.