The Entrepreneurial Journey Of Edgard Corona

Edgard Corona is a top executive officer co-founding the SmartFit company. His reputation in the fitness industry within the country has thrived faster because of his significant contributions. Edgard Corona launched the Bio Ritmo in 1996 with its headquarter in Santo Amara, Sa Paulo. At this time, Edgard has limited expertise needed to make him navigate effectively in the industry.

However, he did not allow this to stop him from achieving his target goals. Mr. Corona has held the position of the executive since 1996 being in charge of overseeing company operations and ensuring that all operations within the firm are streamlined.

Prior to co-founding the Ritmo firm, Edgard served at the Corona Family Sugar mills as a chemical engineer. He was in charge of running the operations of the chemical laboratory. SmartFit has managed to establish its roots in the Latin American market having a total of 1.6 million learners in the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Peru, Columbia, Chile, and Mexico. To learn the seriousness of this, the population of Estonia is smaller than that of Corona gyms.

Reports from Edgard confirm his love and interest in entrepreneurship. He has always been passionate about the creation of businesses and helping the businesses thrive. Mr. Edgard Corona with vast skills and expertise in entrepreneurship managed to co-find a confectionary firm at the same time running the operations of an analysis laboratory firm. Edgard decided to focus primarily on running the operations of his family-owned sugar mill hence selling companies he had.

Edgard went ahead to build the Ritmo academy to equip his customers with the skills and expertise needed to navigate effectively in the market. While running the operations of his company, he developed a skiing injury that forced him to join gym sessions and physiotherapy classes. Regardless of his health condition, his firms kept thriving and increasing in terms of revenue growth.

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