Thomas Neyhart and PosiGen Solar Power Company

PosiGen is a solar energy company that was born out of Hurricane Katrina. People in New Orleans wanted to rebuild their homes to be more efficient and durable. While the government offered over 16 programs to help rebuild after Hurricane Katrina, they were really only available to wealthy people. PosiGen CEO Thomas Neyhart along with the company’s founders decided to help low-to-moderate income families and people of color rebuild by offering them solar energy. It will only install a solar system if it makes sense. 


If a family isn’t going to save money by installing solar panels, then PosiGen won’t install them. The focus is on helping people, not making money. It now installs thousands of solar systems across the nation each year. Customers can choose to either buy or lease solar systems. If a customer decides to buy the system, PosiGen CEO keeps on explaining, they get 12 years of system monitoring. There are financing options available and a cash discount. The benefits of leasing include energy efficiency upgrades, monthly payments, system monitoring and maintenance.


PosiGen does energy audits, so customers can save energy and therefore money. The comprehensive audits include blower door testing, thermal imaging, infrared scanning, an attic evaluation and more. Ways to improve a home’s energy envelope include air sealing, weather stripping, programmable thermostats, water heater insulation and installing CFL or LED lighting. Besides enjoying lower energy bills, PosiGen CEO Thomas Neyhart points out, other benefits include a cleaner environment, increased home comfort, improved indoor air quality and enhanced home value. 

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