Tim Murawski: Improving Surgery Sight

Tim Murawski, President and Chief Commercial Officer of Augmedics in Chicago is out to improve healthcare and surgery with technology. Augmedics has the XVision Spine system (XVS) for surgery vision improvements. Tim Murawski has pointed out that it allows the surgeon to vision through skin and tissue to see the anatomy more accurately. 


Surgeons can use the instruments for implant procedures for more precise placements with its 3D AR (Augmented Reality) navigational system. According to Tim Murawski, it does this by helping with determining the location of the surgeon tools, using the surgeon’s retina in the headset, allowing the surgeon to see the patient, and the navigation data at the same time without moving their eyes. This keeps steady control for faster, safer surgeries.


Tim Murawski is an outstanding role model to students, managers, and businesses. His career in the sales of medical devices in the early 1990s was for HIV testing and then he excelled and went into starting up a company, General Surgical Innovations in Cupertino, California as a territory sales manager eventually becoming sales manager for the West region. Later Tim Murawski noticed the robotics field was significant to health, and they played a significant role in surgery, so he chose to be an account manager, then a sales manager in robotic surgery marketing, and eventually a Vice President of sales and now President, COO.

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