Understanding the Business Mind

Justin Halladay has had a prosperous career working in various roles in different regions within the business world gaining vast experience in the past 15 years.

Halladay attributes the beginning of his career and success to the intent to synthesize his interests and skills.

He maintains productivity by establishing and sustaining a balance between faith, family, and business.

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As an entrepreneur, Justin Halladay has the ability to set his schedule which ensures a balance of the three.

The entrepreneur also attributes productivity to his network of people who act as guides through idea generation and decision-making processes.

As a businessman, Halladay also views technology as the basis of businesses today as it brings diverse solutions to real-world issues.

He is a strong believer in consistency and tenacity as the basis for success and has proved this by thriving in the technology space despite his limited studies as he never graduated from college.

Consistency provides Halladay with a sense of commitment to his faith, family, and business.

As an entrepreneur, he values the role of mentors and understands the importance of building relationships with the right people, and abides by the saying it is not about what you know in the business world but rather who you know.

His motivation also stems from the drive to obtain a billion dollars even though many dispute this as something that cannot be done.

Halladay also believes in writing down one’s goals as this act as a constant reminder of the vital aspects.

The entrepreneur also puts forth that the best book to read is the bible as it contains answers to many business issues.

It has been a source of advice to many other business moguls.

Justin Halladay works on the premise that success leaves clues and it is ok to borrow from others as long as one copies the right cat.

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