Wes Edens and BAL Launch First Green School Project

Wes Edens of New Fortress Energy (NFE) and The Basketball Africa League (BAL)Ghana were on hand to cut the inaugural transformation into Green Legacy.

The project consists of constructing an outdoor sports facility for students to generate learning spaces promoting physical fitness and encouraging healthy lifestyles. The new school will also provide local communities with access to clean energy initiatives that can power their electronics, lighting appliances, and equipment through the existing infrastructure in the village.

NFE is committing $30,000 for this project based on a long-term commitment to support environmental projects to ensure access to electricity in under-served regions while promoting sustainable economic development.

“New Fortress Energy (NFE) is pleased to be partnering with BAL and Trees for the Future on this exciting new educational initiative where our contribution will help provide power sources for education while improving the lives of children in Africa,” said Wes Edens, chairman, and co-founder of NFE.

“This will mark as the beginning of our partnership with BAL, as our companies are working together to support the growth of the basket ball game in Africa while developing clean energy solutions for communities across the continent.”

NFE selected Senegal as its first focus because it has a high potential for solar power throughout its rural regions. It is a country that actively seeks new forms of energy development that benefit its citizens. The overall goal is to expand this initiative into other countries on the African continent where similar needs exist, and there is also an excellent opportunity for renewable projects.

Also, trees for the Future is proud to be a part of this important project in Senegal, thanks to partners, such as Wes Edens and New Fortress Energy, and all BAL for making this effort possible.

New Fortress Energy and BAL have agreed to focus on strengthening communities across Africa through sports and renewable energy initiatives.

New Fortress Energy was founded by Wes Edens, co-founder of Fortress Investment Group LLC (NYSE: FIG), and Peter Briger, a co-chairman of Fortress Investment Group LLC, to build a global platform for renewable energy projects.